Los Angeles and Orange County R Users

We are an alliance of R users groups in Los Angeles and Orange County. No single group can serve this sprawling area, and so we have joined forces to centralize all R group events and information in one place. We currently include R-Ladies LA, Los Angeles East R Users Group, R-Ladies Pasadena, Orange County R Users Group, Data Science LA/LA West R Users Group, and R-Ladies Irvine.

Upcoming Events

Orange County R Users Group
Opinion Mining of Climate Change Research and Xaringan Slides
Feb 26 at 06:30 PM

SatRDay LA 2019

SatRday is coming to Los Angeles on April 6th, 2019 at UCLA! This will be the first SatRday in Southern California and you won’t want to miss it. Like all other SatRday events, this will be an one-day affordable conference that focuses on R language and its application. All levels of useRs are welcome. The tickets are $35 for professionals and $15 for students. For other event details and announcements, please visit https://losangeles2019.satrdays.org

satRday Los Angeles 2019 is now accepting submissions for session talks, lightning talks, and posters! The deadline is Feb 10, 2018. Submit today at sessionize.

satRday Los Angeles 2019
A conference for users of the R Language
April 6, 2019 @ UCLA James West Alumni Center


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